Calling all to Christ

Sharing God's Word

Those who do not know about church are not used to coming to the building to hear about God. It is our commission to go to them and tell them about our savior (Acts 2:38). When we share our testimony with power, others can see God’s love and provision. We can only display a life of holiness and allow God to give the increase.


Once we have developed a rapport with someone, we invite them to pray with us to bring Christ into their heart. We explain the promises of God with patience. It is a big step to accept Jesus and we want to have a heart to share with anyone who will listen.


During our prayer, we keep our conversation brief. We aim to listen more than to speak. We want to develop a comfort level with all believers. God cares for them and we do as well.

God's Word

Our efforts to spread the good news is accompanied by a free bible. We want new Christians to have the road map to follow in their new life walk.

Additional Ministry

When God lays it on the hearts of the people we often meet families and help them as much as possible. We help point them to resources for shelter, food and counseling where needed. Our connection with various groups in the Trenton area have helped us be an aid to countless families in our community.